To Rock music lovers, Welcome to “Karma”!

The Karma nightclub opened its doors on December 31, 1978 and since then has been consecrated as the Best Rock Club in Barcelona. “Karma”, is located in Barcelona’s Downtown, within the charming “Plaza real” square and it is a “must” for Barcelona’s night party.

Always faithful to its Underground and Rock style , with its great and large experience, its great atmosphere and awesome music that characterize this night club, “Karma” ensure the visitors the best underground nightlife in the city,  with non comparison to any other Disco & Bar in the city. The best revival music of all time with the best Rock, Rock & Roll, Pop, Soul, Blues, Hard Rock, Indie and Heavy metal music from the 60s to the present. 38 years in active support it!

For the early risers, the Terrace Bar opens its doors every day at noon, and does not close them until 03am.

For night owls, the doubled arched Rock discotheque turn motors on and keeps them in full gas from Tuesday to Saturday from 0am to 5am (burning its coils until 06:00am Friday, Saturdays and Holidays eves).

Karma’s goal is to offer good music, good service and the best atmosphere for having the best night party in the city all nights!

We hope to see you soon in “Karma”!